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Besides the fact that they are all located in the US, they share two more features — all of them are co-founded by Romanian tech entrepreneurs and have recently received some remarkable opportunities for accelerated growth.

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It seems like the Romanian entrepreneurial diaspora is thriving overseas. What is the Romanian connection in the companies and how these recent achievements will impact their future development?

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Technology with global impact and Romanian origins The startup story of Ezra, which was co-founded by the young Romanian tech entrepreneur Emi Gal, began when Gal graduated from studying computer science and applied math in his home country.

From a very young age, Gal has been aware of the importance of cancer screenings as he himself was at high risk of prostate volume mri melanoma.

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In his late 20s, while working with a cancer patient charity, he realized there was a need for better cancer screenings, and that is when he began researching different methods. He conducted his own investigation and found out that MRIs could be used to detect cancer in the very early stages and that AI could stadiul ușor al prostatitei cancer detection as well as a radiologist.

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He then worked closely with medical experts and with his co-founder Diego Cantor, who has a Ph. Launching its MRI-based prostate cancer screening program and its full-body MRI scan inEzra provides three solutions — accurate prostate volume measurements, semi-automatic lesion measurements, and automatic prostate prostate volume mri lesion segmentation, and 3D volume representation.

Now, the FDA authorization will allow the company to make its prostate volume mri available for prostate volume mri people across the US and roll out its AI to all of its partners and imaging facilities.

Jordan, and two Ph. Berkey students — Robert Nishihara and Philipp Moritz, stand behind the founding of the open-source developer platform Anyscale.

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Their software allows organizations to bring AI applications to production faster, to reduce development costs, and to manage their applications without the support of in-house experts. Therefore, the company intends to use the raised capital to continue developing its Ray platform and make its solution available not only to high-level developers and computing specialists but also to all tech people who want to implement projects requiring large amounts of computing power… Details here.

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